Tattoo Oracle

We are happy to announce that Tattoo Oracle 2 will be released in September 2016. It is another beautiful collaboration between Charmaine Wilson and Teneile Napoli that is going to blow your mind ! !

I have always been fascinated with the cards. My first deck was the Mythic Tarot which I purchased after my daughter passed away in 1986. I found them fascinating and would spend hour’s just going through each card. Wondering and hoping somehow I would be able to connect to my daughter. I was so young and had no idea of the medium I would become in the future.

When I first started to hear voices I was told to take one of the packs and start doing readings in a little shop not far from where I lived. I had no idea that eventually I would no longer need the cards but would be known as a medium. In fact I didn’t even know what a medium was back then.

With each layout I would hear a voice telling me about those who had passed away and slowly but surely I put my cards away and gave in to my destiny.

My love of cards has not waned and since that time I have collected cards from all over the world, each pack a little different from the next.

When I decided to make my own pack I wanted to create something extraordinary, something no one else had put thought to. There were angel cards in abundance and more styles of tarot than ever before.

After I won the Television show ‘The One – search for Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic, I was led to a tattooist to get a memorial tattoo for my best friend who had passed away and that trip made me realise how hand in hand my work was with the tattoo industry.

Almost every tattoo I have seen either celebrates or memorialises an event or person, each tattoo a personal expression of love or individuality.

I noticed tattoos were becoming mainstream and even catalogue models were now adorning full sleeves of ink. Footballers, bank tellers and increasingly more women were now not just getting inked, but were getting them in places where they were on full view.

In my search for ideas I was drawn to different Ink artists and my breath was taken away by just how incredible the art had become. At that time I had 4 tattoos but nothing compared to the art I was now seeing.

I was getting a little frustrated in my effort to find a formula for the cards. I knew I wanted thirty – three cards but wasn’t sure exactly how to go about getting the right artist to join me.

By this time I had decided photographs would be the best way to capture the tattoos but still could not find the right artist. Though I think old school is right for some people it has never been my preference. With every artist I looked at I knew in my heart it would have to be an artist who did life like work.

Spirit has a way of making things happen and one day two of my associates mentioned the artist Teneile Napoli.

I wasted no time in contacting her after seeing her work. The detail in each tattoo was breathtaking. Her attention to bringing each portrait to life told me this was an accomplished artist who just happened to be a tattooist.

As it turned out she too had a need to see me. Having lost her dad she was having trouble sleeping and wondering if he was ok and could still see her. I will never forget the reading. It was amazing and I knew then the spirit world, in particular her dad and my daughter, had connected us.

In exchange for the reading Teneile did a portrait of my daughter on my right arm, true to every detail of the small photo I had.

On that day we decided to join forces and I have featured only Teneile Napoli’s work in this deck. I hope you fall in love with her work as I have and these cards bring you the guidance you need to bring about positive choices for you future.

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