Charmaine only does private readings at certain times during the year that do not interfere with her touring or writing schedule. There are no waiting lists for readings; it is a first come first served basis.

The readings are released in blocks of 10 throughout the year and while the staff has an idea when this will be they will not take your name because in the past it has proved fruitless to call people as quite often they do answer the phone or else it is not a convenient time.

Therefore we encourage you to join the Newsletter as this is the only way we release them, you may do so in the right hand side bar on this website.

If you do book a reading it is not secured until full payment has been received.

Readings are conducted by telephone or in Charmaine’s office at Mount Cotton QLD Only and will not be done when she is touring.


Charmaine only conducts spirit connection readings.

She will NOT do a future or life reading. We have no recommendations for anyone else for this type of reading either.

At no time do we want any other information except yes or no answers. We do not want to know the name of the deceased. We only require your first name and phone number. We need as little information as possible but we do require the below questions to be answered before we proceed with a booking.

To get a reading with Charmaine you will be asked the following 3 questions.

1. Are you seeking someone who is close to you in spirit?

2. Has it been a minimum of 4 months since the person you are seeking has passed?- if it has not been at least four months we have found the grief of the person seeking the reading will be too strong to make a wonderful connection. Charmaine does not want anyone to be disappointed and you will be urged to hold off for a small amount of time. All efforts will be made to get you in at the appropriate time.

3. Has it been 4 months since your last reading with ANY other medium or psychic? – Charmaine will not accept you for a reading if you have not waited 4 months since your previous reading– in the past we have found the connection will not be as pure if you continually seek mediums – if you wish to have a clear reading then we suggest you hold off.

Other ways you get a reading.

Living with Spirit Healing Weekends- This two day event truly is the full package if you are seeking comfort and answers after a close death. You will receive a reading but you will also leave the weekend with effective thoughts and tools to help you move forward and gain an understanding to the life death pattern. This weekend is highly recommended for those who wish to know more.

These groups are held regularly in the Mount Cotton Hall – please check the bottom of the schedule page to see when the next one is. A reading is guaranteed in these groups.

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