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Tattoo Oracle Cards II are the second union of spirit medium Charmaine Wilson and award winning tattoo artist Teneile Napoli.

They are available at the books and merch tab on this website

For centuries tattoos have signified powerful statements of our individuality, roadmaps of our spiritual journey. Over the centuries tattoos have become more defined and nowadays more readily accepted in society. Each tattoo chosen in this deck of 33 cards has been picked for the spiritual meanings associated with it. Choosing a card may assist you in illuminating problematic areas of your life and provide the guidance you seek.

Allow 2 weeks for shipping.


21st of August:
Albury Entertainment Centre

Tickets on Sale NOW!! Show starts at 7:30 PM Box Office 6043 5610 or visit this link

24th of August:
Young Services Club

Tickets on Sale Soon! ! Show starts at 7:30 PM phone 6382 1944 or visit this link

7th of September:
Warrnambool Light House Theatre

Tickets On Sale NOW! ! Show starts at 7:30 PM Box Office 5559 4999 or visit this link

9th of September:
Horsham Town Hall

Tickets on Sale NOW! ! Show starts at 8 PM. Box Office 5382 9555 or visit this link

12th of September:
Italian Sports Club of Werribee

Tickets on Sale NOW ! ! Show starts at 7:30 PM for tickets phone 9741 1225 or visit this link

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